Monday, December 8, 2008

smash into you

of course my day would never be complete without a bit of, i found this cover of one of the songs from "i am". i randomly appreciate acoustic music.


i think one of the janitors is trying to get me to do his plumbing school was like, one minute he was offering to do a complimentary vacuuming of my area (sidenote:it's not complimentary, you are getting paid!). the next minute he's asking if i can google some stuff about bathtubs. i said sure, if i have time, but clearly, after all the time i waste aimlessly browsing the internet, i really have no time for doing his homework. i really can't believe he would ask me such a thing. i dont know him like that

in other news,

i think i'm catching a cold, so i'm drinking lots of tea, and going to bed as soon as i get home. glad i didn't set my self-date for tonight