Friday, December 5, 2008

fridays news

i think i've found an apartment. i can't wait til i can move in. i miss my puppy so much. he'll finally be able to come up an live with me. it's close to the lake, which is nice, but it means bitter cold and little would think that once the temperature got to a certain point, the amount of cold wouldn't matter, but you would be wrong...the lake effect is serious. anyway, im excited to move in, and probably will do so by the week before pushing for living room furniture as a gift from my parents...hopefully everything will work out

btw, two more people introduced themselves to me today, one person asked me where the chief of staff was, as if i were his secretary, then asked me for advice with her phone, and never introduced herself to me, two random security gaurds were rude to me (we're having a job fair and they hired some random people to make sure everything went smoothly). i feel like if you are here, looking for a part time job with the cta, the last thing you need is someone being rude to you...but hey, maybe that's just my opinion. one janitor gave me some cajun rice (super tasty), and one girl told me i look "good" in green, aftermaking a random comment about my crimson and cream deask decor...i still have no clue what her name is...but i appreciate the sisterly jokes.

and now...back to work