Wednesday, December 3, 2008

its official

so, yesterday was my official welcoming at the office. they sent out an email to the entire staff letting them know that yes, she has arrived. it had a little blurb abotut me that was based off of my resume.while i was reading it, i couldn't help but think that this blurb actually said little about me...but whatever.

since the e-mail went out, people have been treating me a little different. people started introducing themselves to me...even though i've been here since july, and very few people found that necessary prior to yesterday. one lady introduced herself to me today in the bathroom, even though she works on my floor, and i see her at least once a day. one guy won't quit calling me rookie, and asking me to do things for him (low key, i feel like im being hazed by him). several other people have decided that they must now start treating me with a little more respect. it's all really interesting, because my qualifications haven't changed, and i've been in the office everyday for about a month, and before that i was here often enough for people to decide to treat me well. i guess its just human nature.