Thursday, December 4, 2008

date night

so, i've decided to begin taking myself on weekly "dates" just to get out of the house and have some alone week, im participating in the u of c alumni book club, so tonights day will be to go pick up the book from the library, and find a cafe somewhere to sit and get some reading done...haven't decided where yet though


Anonymous said...

how did it go?

Chae NewBreed said...

that sounds GREAT.
GOOD idea.
mind if i STEAL?
GOIN THRU relationship withdrawals so i need an OUTLET.

Jessica said...

date night went well. steal away. it's really kind of refreshing to enjoy time with yourself...i have to admit, i almost stood myself up i was feeling like it was too cold in this city to go anywhere.

Chae NewBreed said...'s freezing in DC AS WELL...but it's a good idea in that i won't feel like i have to depend on OTHERS FOR A GOOD TIME.
n it clears mind space since when i go out, i'm so cluttered n the brain by everyone else's thoughts...*sigh* of relief