Monday, November 24, 2008

i am my mother's daughter

today was the president's secretary's birthday. in celebration, my coworkers did a surprise birthday thing for her. it's actually going on right now, but clearly, instead of socializing, i'm sitting at my desk, writing a blog post. why? because i am my mother's daughter. my mother is the essence of anti-social behavior. she doesn't like small talk, nor is she overly friendly with strangers. somehow this has rubbed off onto me. it leaves me being awkward and really shy. the awkwardness is something that i've learned to own over the past couple of years. people from my alma mater are proud of their awkward cahracter, and embrace it as a key personality trait. the shy part is a hard one. most people don't know and don't believe that i am shy. when i say i am, people laugh...there's an awkward pause...then they ask me if i'm serious. yess, i am. i don't know where it comes from, but i have a difficult time talking to strangers and people who i don't know well. this made the birthday celebration quite uneventful for me. i stood there, not really talking to anyone around me, participated in the singing of the birthday song...laughed at the jokes told my the president...then came back to my desk. i didn't socialize, like the rest of the people around the office. i feel a little bad about it, because i feel like i should be making an effort to get to know my coworkers...maybe tomorrow at our thanksgiving celebration, i'll get to know a few people.

btw, they played the "black" birthday song (the stevie wonder version)...makes me love my workplace, because it really is unapologetically black

Sunday, November 23, 2008

all i really want is a cup of tea and a good book.

yet another weekend has gone by, way too quickly. i enjoyed it, but somehow missed out on the main goal of a weekend, relaxation. i went out every night, and had tons of fun...thursday we went to an event at this restaurant in the south loop...attire: jeans and a tee. loved hanging out with my roomie and my bff...crazy because there was this random photographer guy, who kept wanting us to do the impromptu "photo shoots", so that we could buy these mediocre photos from him. lindsey bought one...i didn't. now im a little worried that i may be on some website somewhere...

friday, my chapter had a talent show and a party. it was interesting. i got to see my pledge mom. i realized how much i enjoy hanging out with my line sisters(in i miss them. from that night...
they know i love taking of these days i'm gonna change my

with my "quad". she works way to much nowadays, so we never hang out, but this was cool.

last night was so much fun...went out with lindsey and D. we did a house party then a club. it was cool because everything was free, and it was exciting. did a new look, but i don't have any pictures of the outfit. i liked it a lot, then my necklace broke...darn forever 21! anywho, i got one pic from somebody's camera phone with my ship phai.

today, after recuperating, i did some reading for work...pretty soon, i will know a ridiculous amount about teacher residency programs and their ability to improve school quality. tonight, dinner with the pledge family, then going to see the james bond movie.

out of this entire weekend, i realize that i never got to sit and enjoy a cup of tea...i feel like this is a necessity for every weekend...oh well, maybe next week

Friday, November 21, 2008


so, my ship sends me these e-mails all the time talking about her experiences at work. i used to work in the same office with her, so i usually know to whom she's referring when she talks about the lady who pees on the bathroom floor when she's mad, or the guy with the random stalker, as well as the random 47th street occurrences. These could include anything from a police chase, a naked hype, or random bums "campaigning" for Obama. BTW, my most recent 47th street experience involves me going into a harolds, noting that it smelled NOTHING like chicken, and seeing a roach crawling on the menu before I quickly walked out of the door, disgusted, and feeling a little dirtier than when i went in.
Anywho, because my ship is out of town, and therefore cannot send me an amusing e-mail, I am going to do a special TGIF post for her.

Monday the HR lady called me to be sure that she had my correct extension because she was going to update the staff directory, which basically meant adding my name, since I'm the most recent hire. Tuesday, she sent out the newly updated directory. Wednesday she e-mailed me saying I would be moved to a new office by Friday. Thursday three or four different people came up to let me know I was going to be moved and to make sure that I wouldn't be confused when I came in today. Today, I came in to see my old desk exactly as it was. A secretary talked to the maintenance people, who came up ten minutes later. They said, I wasn't being moved to an office, just to a different desk. They proceeded to pick up my desk, and move it, replacing it with a new desk. Leaving my computer in the same spot. The secretary informed them that they needed to switch the desks back, and that they only were supposed to move my stuff to the new desk. (My job operates on this gentleman/lady system. women have to let the men do everything basically. I think it's a southern thing) Anywho, they do all this work, then my computer is still in my old spot. I call IT, and send them an e-mail asking them to come move my computer.Apparently they couldn't do that without me filling out some random form, so I emailed this guy who works in IT, asked him to come up, and he forms or, i have more space, a new desk, a key that works, and i even got him to switch out my keyboard to a new ergonomic one. Now, my phone extension is different. The IT guy didn't know whether or not switching the actual phone would make a difference, so I now have a completely different extension, so I have to email the HR lady and ask her to redo the staff directory with my new i realize why people get annoyed with bureaucracy, because honestly, i would rather should send out an email and say change my extension's not like half these people know who i am, and at least another fourth of them have no interest in contacting me at all. whatever. thank god its friday at least

also, i had la cantina for lunch..this tilapia dish. it was amazing...and now i think i have the itis.

scared of lonely

so, for the past few days, i've been listening to a lot of beyonce, as has the rest of the free world...but this

maybe because i can understand where she's coming from on this one, i just can't seem to stop playing it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

cool kids...the delivery man

OK. So I finished exactly one task. Then I read an e-mail from my ship, who clearly isn't focused cause she's leaving for sunny fun in atlanta in a few hours. then, i did my usual music finding,and decided that i kinda like this cool kids, i'm going to get back to work...i promise.

todays randomness

i woke up today wondering what the day would bring. my thoughts thus far...i haven't finished my to-do list,that i need to complete...i haven't called my father yet to wish him happy mom called and asked me to basically do a small report for her,as if i'm not at work...i think i found an apartment, and i hope the guy will hold it for me till really tired, even though i went to bed early...i had an interesting prayer this morning...the daily news clips that my job sends out over the listhost were extremely ready to see my family, so im excited for thanksgiving...i want to go to the inauguration, so i need to talk to my aunt about staying at her looking forward to the weekend, and thus am starting my weekend tonight.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my mind right now

i want to go see ruined at the goodman
i need to find an apartment quickly because i miss my puppy.
i enjoyed a conversation this morning about the benefits and drawbacks of mixed income housing in chicago.
it made me realize how much i miss having intelligent conversations with inquisitive people about things that really matter.
i am about to take more responsibility on at work, because i can.
i really really want some harold' this ok, now that obama says he eats it?
my robin thicke pandora station is really amazing me right now.
i still cannot quite figure out dress code in my office...why are people wearing jeans?
i enjoyed real houswives of atlanta last night.
i really want these pumps that beyonce was wearing, that i then saw on real housewives of atlanta last night.
i will probably post something with a little more substance later today.
i need to get some work done right now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

annoyed a bit

so. i work. i'm actually a professional. i have a economics....from the university of chicago. usually, i'm not one to be uppity, or think im elite in any way, but...what does a black woman need to do in order for people to take her seriously...honestly, some black men need to get it together.

a. no, i do not appreciate the lewd comments..."ooh, girl, you look so sexy today" is NOT a compliment. if you think i look nice, and you say that, i will not be upset, as long as you are respectful

b. just because you are a black man with a degree/job/car/401K, does not mean that i will automatically be interested in you. i have a degree/job/car/401K. I do not need yours. Thank you.

c. if i tell you that i would rather not talk to you, please let it go. do not try to convince me that it's a good idea for us to hang out after i've said no. it's not a good look.

d. i am a lady. realize and remember that always.

this really was not meant to be a male bashing post. i love black men. hey, my dad and my brother are both great black men. seriously though, as a woman, i need for some to just do better.

Monday, November 17, 2008

heartless huh?

Heartless from kwest on Vimeo.

women seem to naturally be the more sensitive and caring of the two sexes, so what would make a woman change into what kanye is saying just sayin...

Friday, November 14, 2008


Thursday, November 6, 2008


fall is here chicago. embrace it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

chi town excitement

it's like there's something different in the air today. people are people are happy to have this chance. at every single one of my morning stops before work, people were talking about the election. proud to vote, maybe even for the first time...even the random bums outside mcdonalds on 47th and cottage were shouting obama 08. complete change from the usual excitement of that corner.

at work, people are quietly working, but it's obvious that everyone is anxious, scared to proclaim that we will have a black president tomorrow, whose favorite pizza, by the way, is Italian Fiesta :) they showed him voting this morning in my old neighborhood, and i thought of the significance of this thing, this revolution, that has been happening. we have seen a black man, a black family, with a strong husband, wife, and gorgeous children, showcased all over the media. what a change from the usual...outside of the

i'm not sure what i'm going to do tonight for the results. theres a big rally downtown, but i want to avoid the crowds. my sorority is doing a party, but i want to be with my other friends. i can't decide if it would be better to go out, and start celebrating, or stay home and stay calm. if he doesn't win, i'm not only afraid of what will happen to the country as a whole, but what will be the attitude of my people. i don't want people to get discouraged, because if he doesn't win, we'll have an even bigger reason to get, and stay involved.