Tuesday, November 4, 2008

chi town excitement

it's like there's something different in the air today. people are people are happy to have this chance. at every single one of my morning stops before work, people were talking about the election. proud to vote, maybe even for the first time...even the random bums outside mcdonalds on 47th and cottage were shouting obama 08. complete change from the usual excitement of that corner.

at work, people are quietly working, but it's obvious that everyone is anxious, scared to proclaim that we will have a black president tomorrow, whose favorite pizza, by the way, is Italian Fiesta :) they showed him voting this morning in my old neighborhood, and i thought of the significance of this thing, this revolution, that has been happening. we have seen a black man, a black family, with a strong husband, wife, and gorgeous children, showcased all over the media. what a change from the usual...outside of the

i'm not sure what i'm going to do tonight for the results. theres a big rally downtown, but i want to avoid the crowds. my sorority is doing a party, but i want to be with my other friends. i can't decide if it would be better to go out, and start celebrating, or stay home and stay calm. if he doesn't win, i'm not only afraid of what will happen to the country as a whole, but what will be the attitude of my people. i don't want people to get discouraged, because if he doesn't win, we'll have an even bigger reason to get, and stay involved.