Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my mind right now

i want to go see ruined at the goodman
i need to find an apartment quickly because i miss my puppy.
i enjoyed a conversation this morning about the benefits and drawbacks of mixed income housing in chicago.
it made me realize how much i miss having intelligent conversations with inquisitive people about things that really matter.
i am about to take more responsibility on at work, because i can.
i really really want some harold' this ok, now that obama says he eats it?
my robin thicke pandora station is really amazing me right now.
i still cannot quite figure out dress code in my office...why are people wearing jeans?
i enjoyed real houswives of atlanta last night.
i really want these pumps that beyonce was wearing, that i then saw on real housewives of atlanta last night.
i will probably post something with a little more substance later today.
i need to get some work done right now.