Sunday, November 23, 2008

all i really want is a cup of tea and a good book.

yet another weekend has gone by, way too quickly. i enjoyed it, but somehow missed out on the main goal of a weekend, relaxation. i went out every night, and had tons of fun...thursday we went to an event at this restaurant in the south loop...attire: jeans and a tee. loved hanging out with my roomie and my bff...crazy because there was this random photographer guy, who kept wanting us to do the impromptu "photo shoots", so that we could buy these mediocre photos from him. lindsey bought one...i didn't. now im a little worried that i may be on some website somewhere...

friday, my chapter had a talent show and a party. it was interesting. i got to see my pledge mom. i realized how much i enjoy hanging out with my line sisters(in i miss them. from that night...
they know i love taking of these days i'm gonna change my

with my "quad". she works way to much nowadays, so we never hang out, but this was cool.

last night was so much fun...went out with lindsey and D. we did a house party then a club. it was cool because everything was free, and it was exciting. did a new look, but i don't have any pictures of the outfit. i liked it a lot, then my necklace broke...darn forever 21! anywho, i got one pic from somebody's camera phone with my ship phai.

today, after recuperating, i did some reading for work...pretty soon, i will know a ridiculous amount about teacher residency programs and their ability to improve school quality. tonight, dinner with the pledge family, then going to see the james bond movie.

out of this entire weekend, i realize that i never got to sit and enjoy a cup of tea...i feel like this is a necessity for every weekend...oh well, maybe next week


Colin Clout said...

Tea - I love tea!
Thanks for the comment on my blog - this is Chris Pugh - I have added your blog to my google reader.

Hope all is well. Stay in touch!