Tuesday, November 18, 2008

annoyed a bit

so. i work. i'm actually a professional. i have a economics....from the university of chicago. usually, i'm not one to be uppity, or think im elite in any way, but...what does a black woman need to do in order for people to take her seriously...honestly, some black men need to get it together.

a. no, i do not appreciate the lewd comments..."ooh, girl, you look so sexy today" is NOT a compliment. if you think i look nice, and you say that, i will not be upset, as long as you are respectful

b. just because you are a black man with a degree/job/car/401K, does not mean that i will automatically be interested in you. i have a degree/job/car/401K. I do not need yours. Thank you.

c. if i tell you that i would rather not talk to you, please let it go. do not try to convince me that it's a good idea for us to hang out after i've said no. it's not a good look.

d. i am a lady. realize and remember that always.

this really was not meant to be a male bashing post. i love black men. hey, my dad and my brother are both great black men. seriously though, as a woman, i need for some to just do better.