Tuesday, March 24, 2009

it knocks you down

so, keri hilson...i never really thought of myself as a real, never purchased a song on itunes or whatever, but her album is out today, and i think i may get it...reason being: i think i like her style...this video is hot, even though i think the song isn't really that hot...maybe too pop-like for me...but yeah...i like her style the entire way through, hence, i feel it's necessary to support her

Monday, March 23, 2009

us placers

so, i was just over at because a) i was trying to support a friend of mine who raps and whatnot and was apparently on the website, and b)i think timbuk2 is pretty dope...anywho, i saw this video for "us placers" which i think is a pretty hot song...not sure why i had never seen this video before, cuz the song has been out for awhile

my thoughts on this one...little lupe is so adorable...lil dude that's playin kanye throws up a perfect mid a few times, even tho it's supposed to be the "roc"...and the kid that's supposed to be parrell has a bit of swagger(i hate that word, but i couldn't find anything else that fits)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


how can we allow this as people...we can get all up in arms over domestic violence, with everyone doing special shows because our beloved superstars are having problems, but we can't do something about crap like this???seriously, get it together!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

why i need these in my life

i've been eyeing these shoes for about a week now, and i can't figure out why i feel likei need them in my life...the heel is like five inches, which would make me 6'2", and they're kinda gaudy looking, but for some reason, i feel the need to add them to my closet...i feel like i would never wear them, and i would have overall wasted a bit of money...i've been thinking about this for like two weeks...needing to make a decision.

oh yeah, they're harajuku lovers...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

paris...and music

so, exciting thinking that i will be in paris in may, for a little more than a weekend. im very anxious, and hoping everything works out well...more details to come as thing begin to be finalized...

but for now, im a little upset im going to miss this girls concert...clearly she's super talented