Tuesday, March 24, 2009

it knocks you down

so, keri hilson...i never really thought of myself as a real, never purchased a song on itunes or whatever, but her album is out today, and i think i may get it...reason being: i think i like her style...this video is hot, even though i think the song isn't really that hot...maybe too pop-like for me...but yeah...i like her style the entire way through, hence, i feel it's necessary to support her


Anonymous said...

aite. so honestly, I like think the video is a bit corny. aside from the intimate scenes with kanye and keri. The ending was good. just to see kanye and neyo face off is an eye opener. who ever produced this new what they were doing as far as marketing goes. Because now the big talk is... "kanye and neyo gets in a fight" thats like what pple crave for... (bad news huh) but anyways. I have to say that kanye west has really stepped up his lyrical content in this one. The last verse was serious. and somehow to me, it sounds as if he has finally found his voice. but did it really take doing the "t-pain voice" to get it. Idk. But this is my comment. I appreciate the video post. It was actually DOPE, forreal. And keep up the blogging. im glad you like it...