Thursday, June 11, 2009


because of my overabundance of gemini friends, i have been thinking a lot about bithdays lately...people have been doing some really interesting things for their birthdays this summer, and a few of the things i am/have participated in were quiet evenings with friends, jet-skiing, rooftop parties, six flags, and weeklong celebrations...all of this has led me to wonder, what i will do for my 23rd. I'm getting excited, even though i have to wait until October to celebrate...some ideas i've had thus far: vacation w/my girls...probably to nyc or miami..nothing major, a night out dowtown...i think i would get a room at the trump for one night, just for close friends, then go out the next night...a dinner party, which would be kinda neat cuz i like spending time with friends...or maybe something else...either way, i know it's gonna include shopping for a cute new bday dress and a few other items...idk why i'm thinking about this so soon, but oh starting to get excited already