Friday, November 21, 2008


so, my ship sends me these e-mails all the time talking about her experiences at work. i used to work in the same office with her, so i usually know to whom she's referring when she talks about the lady who pees on the bathroom floor when she's mad, or the guy with the random stalker, as well as the random 47th street occurrences. These could include anything from a police chase, a naked hype, or random bums "campaigning" for Obama. BTW, my most recent 47th street experience involves me going into a harolds, noting that it smelled NOTHING like chicken, and seeing a roach crawling on the menu before I quickly walked out of the door, disgusted, and feeling a little dirtier than when i went in.
Anywho, because my ship is out of town, and therefore cannot send me an amusing e-mail, I am going to do a special TGIF post for her.

Monday the HR lady called me to be sure that she had my correct extension because she was going to update the staff directory, which basically meant adding my name, since I'm the most recent hire. Tuesday, she sent out the newly updated directory. Wednesday she e-mailed me saying I would be moved to a new office by Friday. Thursday three or four different people came up to let me know I was going to be moved and to make sure that I wouldn't be confused when I came in today. Today, I came in to see my old desk exactly as it was. A secretary talked to the maintenance people, who came up ten minutes later. They said, I wasn't being moved to an office, just to a different desk. They proceeded to pick up my desk, and move it, replacing it with a new desk. Leaving my computer in the same spot. The secretary informed them that they needed to switch the desks back, and that they only were supposed to move my stuff to the new desk. (My job operates on this gentleman/lady system. women have to let the men do everything basically. I think it's a southern thing) Anywho, they do all this work, then my computer is still in my old spot. I call IT, and send them an e-mail asking them to come move my computer.Apparently they couldn't do that without me filling out some random form, so I emailed this guy who works in IT, asked him to come up, and he forms or, i have more space, a new desk, a key that works, and i even got him to switch out my keyboard to a new ergonomic one. Now, my phone extension is different. The IT guy didn't know whether or not switching the actual phone would make a difference, so I now have a completely different extension, so I have to email the HR lady and ask her to redo the staff directory with my new i realize why people get annoyed with bureaucracy, because honestly, i would rather should send out an email and say change my extension's not like half these people know who i am, and at least another fourth of them have no interest in contacting me at all. whatever. thank god its friday at least

also, i had la cantina for lunch..this tilapia dish. it was amazing...and now i think i have the itis.