Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hump day thoughts

nothing really to share today.
-working on new year's eve plans...since when did my life become all about partying? i miss nye with the fam, and i wish i could go down there for that holiday
-our next door neighbor knows way too much about our schedules and whether we are home or not...this makes me really nervous. he knocked on the door this morning because the garage door was open, and wouldn't stop knocking until someone answered (our assumption is that he knew someone was still home)
-movie night with the roomies tonight with the bootleg dvd that one of the janitors from work gave me. i'm going to miss them when i leave
-got to work early today with hopes of leaving early. we'll see if that works out.
-my best friends are coming into town this weekend. im excited to see them, but a little worried about how it'll be because we haven't all hung out together in a long time.i'm not sure how the group dynamics will play out.