Monday, December 29, 2008

i got a new baby

so, i got a new toy the other day...a christmas git really, from my digital cameras always die when i buy them, so i figure this one from her, ill try to keep alive for awhile... anywho, my mom bought a camera from this camera store she loves (she says she goes there because you get 100 free prints, even though nobody has ever actually gone in to redeem these prints). after snapping a couple pics on christmas, i decided that i didn't really like the pentax, so we went to the store to exchange...after about fifteen minutes of the girl trying to say that there woudl be no difference with another camera (i was upset that the auto flash wouldn't work in low light, thus causing my pictures to be fuzzy and a little dark), we found a camera (see pic above) that i decided would work. that said, im super excited to snap pics. i already took a couple of the daisies i brought home for my mom from whole foods(they were a peace offering, sort of a way to appease her since i didn't get home till late on christmas eve night). im excited about my babes...i think ill name her betsey...i dont know why i feel the need to start naming my objects...maybe its that maternal need for a child thing kicking in...scary...