Wednesday, December 24, 2008

happy merry christmas eve!

so, because i'm at work, and have nothing better to do...furthermore, because no one else is at work, because apparently they all have something else to do...i am going to do a post. this is my first chrismas eve away from home, and honestly, im not very happy about it. i wanted to be at my parents house sleeping in, and enjoying playing with all those darn dogs, and talking to my family, and hanging out with my friends...i miss my girls so much...we had a blast when they came up to visit. people have been calling me all week, trying to figure out where i'm at, so we can hang out...i've become almost robotic in answering :im still in chicago. i have work. ill be there wednesday.bye. i don't even want to talk about it.

there's the cutest little girl in the office, wishing everyone a "happy christmas". it makes me miss being at home and being around kids. they make everyone so much happier...overall, i guess im just feeling a bit nostalgic today, so on that note:

me and my little brother...takes me back to a simpler time