Wednesday, February 4, 2009

superbowl weekend...good times

im clearly late posting this, BUT, i had the best superbowl weekend....friday night was the foreign exchange concert, so, to start the night, we went to an event that my ships had downtown at the bowling alley...i couldn't drink, since it was a delta event, but i had fun nonetheless...good times!!!

driving to the north side was interesting...we found a parking spot right next to the club...but we had a problem...The park was across the street (read:facing the opposite direction) from where my car was. So, my old roomie jumps out of the car, and goes to stand in the, usually i call her bougie, but, she was a complete and total G in this situation. This guy nearly ran her over trying to park, and she yelled at him, telling him that I was GOING to park there and that he needed to move. One word. HILARIOUS.

Concert was awesome...Black People...I haven't seen so many of us in a room listening to GOOD music in so long. the dj was great. i had fun.

Saturday...chill ship had a launch party for the black magazine that she edits for her school. i was so proud of her.

superbowl sunday...i was kinda worried about how this was gonna turn out. i had a few places to stop by, but i didn't really want to go to any of them. anywho, i skipped two places and went over to my ships...i knew it would be mostly girls, which meant it would be different from any superbowl experience i had in awhile...i had a freakin blast!!! i brought bacardi mojitos and white wine...because that's what i felt like was necessary... i got toasted and really really enjoyed the game. plus, i got to wear a shirt i had bought and never got a chance to wear...notice the pic...btw, dude was highly disturbed when he got to the house and there were only women...

...then, we stopped by the bday party of a friend of mine around the corner...then came back and enjoyed a few hands of tellin you....great weekend!!!