Monday, February 23, 2009

Project Jess: Day 1

Somewhere along the line, I’ve lost my edge…I think that in the past two years, I’ve gone through a lot…mostly this was stuff that helped me grow, but it also led me to lead a lot of things behind…to be included in this list:my love for reading, my passion for talking to and interacting with people, and my work ethic. I don’t know what the heck happened…it was like one day I was going through novel after novel, hanging out and introducing myself to folks, and working crazy hours while completing all my school work nearly perfectly and on time; and the next day I was spending a countless amount of money on books that “looked’ good, but I would never finish, being too shy to network at events, and procrastinating and turning in less than stellar projects…WHAT THE HECK!!??!?!? Clearly, I need to re-step my game up…project jessica begins!


stephanie said...

I feel like this sometimes too - especially the reading part! I used to read constantly, now I find that even when I'm fascinated by a book, once I have to set it down it may be weeks before I pick it back up. I think I've replaced my "book reading" time with "personal finance blog reading" time. Maybe I should start limiting my online time each day and devote more to real books. Good luck with your project!