Tuesday, January 6, 2009

alvin ailey

ok. so i love modern dance...probably more than most people. i've taken a few classes, and honestly, im hooked on the way it makes me feel. it made me way more aware of the way that my body moves. it made me more flexible, and it was a serious workout. i also love to watch modern. to see the way that people move onstage is amazing. there are so many details that these dancers are attentive to, and i personally think it's amazing. that said, im trying to go see alvin ailey when they come to chicago in early april..i think i may make this a self date because i don't know that I know anyone who would really enjoy it...maybe i need some new so excited for April!!!


Reign said...

I so love Alvin Ailey. Myself and the dancers I know here in Dallas go see them everytime they come. Love them so much I've gotten tickets as a gift.