Friday, August 8, 2008

hometown identity crisis

i'm headed back to my homtown today, and i always have mixed feelings about going back...i love my family, but i don't really like it there...all the thoughts that popped up in my head about going back, made me think about how i really have a sort of identity crisis about my hometown...what do i mean? well, here's a typical conversation about where i'm from:
Person: Where are you from?
Me: Southern Illinois.
Person: Oh, like Urbana? or like Carbondale?
Me: Neither...well, I'm from Belleville, which is like a suburb of STL

Person: But it's in Illinois?
Me: Yeah
Person: Oh, so like E St. Louis?
Me: Well, kinda...i guess. That's where my family is from
Person: Oh, yeah, I know some people from there too. They went to East Side
Me: Well, I'm really not from there...I lived in Belleville

Then, I spend the rest of the conversation trying to explain my hometown, and why it's not completely lame...frustration